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According to a widespread idea, the most beautiful pieces of jewellery can be found only on Place Vendôme, and nowhere else. Along those lines, luxury is considered unaffordable, and custom-made fashion, flashy and out of reach. Well, I would like to prove you otherwise, as I take time to make you discover another part of my job : the work of mindful craftsmen, as opposed to salespeople who want to dictate what you should like. Yes, you can have jewellery impeccably made to your own taste, without bypassing quality.

I will be able to simply answer your questions and expectations during one or more appointements if necessary.

In my workshop, in a coffee house or in your own home, for an engagement, a surprise, with or without having a clear idea on your mind, whether you are in a hurry or planning to finalize a longtime, dear to your heart project, anything is possible…
Having a piece of jewellery custom made for you means defining a budget together. From there, we can adjust numerous parameters while the piece is being crafted.

The choice of the stone(s) is important and will depend on several characteristics (color, country of origin, size…). It is always possible to achieve something extraordinary.

The quality of the work can also influence the price of a jewel. Between a rather classic finish or a higher end touch, there is a large amount of work, techniques, products and craftsmanship that have to be accounted for.
I don’t own a stock nore a shop, and I work with very few selected, trusted partners. This unusual way of working allows me to create the piece you have always dreamed of without restraints.

The different stages of conception and realisation prevent from any risk of disappointing you, as it is often the case when your choice is induced by an experienced salesperson.

Bear in mind that my only publicity relies on your satisfaction…


The different steps of creating your piece




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who is Max M. ?


Max Mazlo

Following in the footsteps of a long family lign of jewellers, I began to practice very early. After five years of training in Paris, I acquired solid bases, but I always yearned for what this very classical cursus lacked: creativity.
And a sense of Art is the extra emotion that will add life to skilled craftsmanship…
I then joined a contemporary jewellery design school. There, I applied myself to counter what I had learned, breaking down in order to rebuild.
But a piece you have to explain remains too elitist. I needed to find the right balance between thise two worlds.
It was only natural that I conceived my first jewellery collection in the family workshop, while working on other pieces.
A few years later, I decided to leave the nest. So here I am, creating custom-made jewellery, associating tradition with technology. Eventually, my craft stopped being a restraint to become the embodiment of my customers’ desires.


You make the first step, I take care of the rest.



If you want to tell me about your project or simply need some information, feel free to contact me. You can only visit me by making an appointment though.

70 rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris - FRANCE

+33 6 63 87 51 00


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